About Continental Games

Continental Games Inc has been providing businesses within Georgia with state of the art Coin Operated Amusement Games to improve their revenues and customer traffic.

Being in the Retail and Convenience Store industry for several years, we understand the requirements of location operators and business owners. Our experience allows us to place games that will maximize your earnings whether they are new games or classic ones that are popular within the market

Each combination of coin operated amusement games you receive from Continental games will be approved and licensed by the State of Georgia and the Georgia Lottery Corporation. We work hand in hand with the Georgia Lottery Corporation to provide entertainment for your customers, education for our youth through pre-k and Hope Scholarship programs, and an increased bottom line for you and your business.

We currently provide the most popular coin operated skill redemption games and cabinets from vendors like IGT, Banilla, Primero, and Zydexo.

Our coin operated amusement games are great for bars, restaurants, convenience stores, nightclubs, or any amusement centers. Our games will provide hours of entertainment for patrons, and increase overall sales of food, drink, lottery tickets, and merchandise, as well as help retain customers and increase traffic to the locations.

We hope to serve you in your need for increasing your revenue. Please call us at